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About Us

Dawn Newman, Founder and President of Designers Network

Dawn Newman
Founder and President Designers Network

Designers Network is an interior design referral agency that provides a highly specialized, one-on-one matching service for interior and lighting designers and consumers in Australia. Navigating the interior design world can be intimidating and most consumers believe they can't afford an interior designer. NOT TRUE! Designers Network is here to change that perception thru education and making interior design services more accessible to the consumer.

One of the challenges the consumer faces is simply learning the “lingo” of interior design. Designers Network Online is designed to educate the consumer about interior design trends, terminology, and current events. By using our web site as a reference guide you will be able to “speak” the same language as your designer, making interior design a smooth and easy process.

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If you are a design professional who would like to join our team, or have an industry related service you'd like to advertise on our site, please let us know.

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